Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Community Garden day before SPRING BREAK

MISSION HIGH & CCA students circle up and discusses how they will break into groups and steward the garden. Pie Ranch and Produce to the People supports MHS ESLI and CCA's movement by partaking in cleaning, facilitating, and building community

Students start to take apart the tall and long planter boxes and utilize the same materials to create more planter boxes for the teachers and students of Mission

Youth power! CCA and Mission high students with Lauren Anderson (Produce to the People) tag teams on building boxes and benches

One of our leaders in Mission High's garden movement. Mr. Mark D'Acquisto summarizes today's activities. Behind Mark are MHS media students that's been documenting the movement

CCA students ready and in full support to empower high school students.

Photos by Janea and Lawrence (MHS students) and Jay (ESLI)

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  1. Progress! I look forward to seeing what they do next. I wonder if any of the students are keeping a journal of all activities and reflections on what is happening between CCA and Mission students? It would be great for both groups to share their reflections from the beginning of the project and compare those to the end.