Thursday, May 6, 2010

Final Daze at Mission High

There was a focused frenzy of creative activity during the final weeks of the CCA ENGAGE program at Mission High. A hugh amount was accomplished, taking the site to a state where it can function as a temporary garden until it is professionally landscaped. Mission High students and their teachers moved into 5th gear. Thanks to Mark D'Aquisto, Matt Heller, Josh Stevenson (MHS), Maryann (Pie Ranch), Jay and Elsa (ESLI).
Church Street is sporting a colorful community mural.
CCA mural team: Jake, Jeronimo, Borum, Helen, Cristiani, Yu Ling, Kai
The Solar Cart jumped into its first phase of existence. (Matt, Daniel, Marc, Leads)
The builders completed the following:
2 curved slat benches and planter (Maryam and Min, Leads)
2 planters with a hammock in between (Rebecca and Duncan, Leads)
4 Seat-Planters + Arbors (Jeff and Sally, Leads)
A circular planer bed + cascade + pond + 3benches
(Thanks: Chris, Dylan, Matt E and Will)

Congratulations to EVERYONE!

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