Saturday, December 5, 2009

Community TREE Planting Day @ Mission High :: this Saturday 12/12/09

We have been awarded a grant by the generous Fruit Tree Planting Foundation ( 20 Orchard Trees and Berry Bushes to plant in our up and coming school garden in Mission High School. We are inviting community members to volunteer, hang out, and plant with us. Let's GREEN our blocks and our schools!

WHO: Fruit Tree Planting Foundation and Mission High School Community

WHAT: Plant Orchard Trees at Mission High

WHERE: MHS Football/ Soccer Field

WHEN: 10am on DEC. 12th SATURDAY (Tree Planting) / 8am on DEC. 14th MONDAY (Tree Planting and Fruit Tree 101- maintenance and stewardship)

Pick Axes, shovels, wine barrels ( containers for trees), hoses, gloves, hats, water, snacks/FOOD, positive attitudes, and smiling faces

See you there!

Jay Jasper Pugao

Environmental Service Learning Program Coordinator/ Educator
Mission High School



Saturday/ December 12th @ 10am AND on Monday/ December 14th @ 8am !!!

Congratulations! We were awarded the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF.ORG) grant! FTPF are going donate 15-20 orchard trees and berry bushes to our school! They will come in to our school and help us plant the orchards then come back another day to educate our students and community on how to maintain and care for them
Here are the logistics, dates and needs of FTPF. They need to make two (2) visits to the school:

1) FTPF comes in and plants the trees with Mission High community. On December 12th @ 10 am / Saturday :: TREE PLANTING

2) FTPF comes in and educates Mission High students on orchard stewardship (Fruit Tree 101). On December 14th @ 8 am to 9 am/ Monday :: TREE PLANTING TREE MAINTENANCE (FRUIT TREE 101)

FTPF have a packed schedule with other schools and these dates are the only ones they have available to come to Mission High and plant the orchards with us

We are requesting your assistance in preparing our students, community and our school for these two (2) events.

· We will need to harvest youth and adult volunteers for both events

· We will need to borrow some tools from other resources (we don’t have much at MHS)

· We need approximate measurements (15 foot intervals between each trees) from our garden advisory students. The ideal spot is the Gardens by the football/ soccer field but we are open to putting trees in the courtyards as well as the library deck

· Promote and invite media?

Pick Axes, shovels, wine barrels, hoses, gloves, hats, water, snacks, positive attitudes, and smiling faces

Note to Teachers:

This can be a great opportunity for Teachers that want to offer extra credit to their students to help out on any or both days. FTPF will come and plant with us on a Saturday (December 12th at 10 am) come back on a Monday (December 14th at 8 am). This part is the educational portion of their program. On this day FTPF will need students to participate and they will teach the students how to maintain the orchards. TREES WILL BE PLANTED ON BOTH DAYS.

All are welcome . Please touch base with our point persons Mr. D’Acquisto, Mr. Matt Heller, or Ms. Elsa Calvillo if you have any questions. I also can be of service

Thank you everybody for all your wonderful work! Special thanks to Fruit Tree Planting Foundation (FTPF) and Mr. Guthertz for providing a path to this opportunity

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