Monday, February 1, 2010

CCA Field Trips: Ramping Up for Mission High

During January the CCA class, Home Grown, went on several field trips to explore our local environment
and learn the basics for the Garden Design project with Mission High.
We visited the Bay Model in Sausalito, created by the Army Corps of Engineers, to learn about our watershed.

Flora Grubb Nursery, San Francisco, provided stunning examples of plant forms, with a special focus on drought tolerant species. (Plant structure and identification: a memory drawing exercise).

The Farmers Market and C.U.E.S.A., Ferry Building, San Francisco provided a "scavenger hunt" exercise about sustainable agriculture to be adapted for teen learners.

The Edible School Yard, Berkeley, is a stellar example of a learning garden for middle school students.
(Students practiced drawing the site layout and special features.)

Special features include a solar-pump fish pond, a stone pizza oven, chickens, mushrooms, water catchment, a peg-joinery barn from a old redwood tree, a lush array of edibles, the beautifully equiped and organized kitchen and happily engaged youngsters!

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